Our Story

Who is Bfree Alpine?

Created by an Australian no less, just a regular bloke, a passionate creative and lifetime skier who loves the mountains.

Recognizing alpine enthusiasts like Ian have no dedicated place to buy unique alpine lifestyle t-shirts and similar apparel Bfree Alpine was founded in late 2016.

It has allowed Ian to indulge if not directly, then in a tiny corner of an industry he loves. It keeps dreams alive and restless thoughts at bay when something white falls from the sky somewhere around the world.

Bfree Alpine is about unique t-shirt designs that reflect the same passion held and expressed by the millions each year that click into a binding, strap on a board and take to the surrounds of mountain life.

So naturally, the major focus of the brand is dedicated to lifestyle print of ski t-shirts, snowboard t-shirts and other alpine activities such as biking, hiking, and climbing that will guide and inspire future designs.

Print-produced in the USA, designed and researched in Australia, Bree Alpine is totally unique and authentic believing in an ethical approach that resonates with its customers and is a cornerstone of the brand.

Generally, customers will only find our designs here. We do not use repeated templates common across the web, and we take pride in respecting the copyright of others regularly breached by many using online forums and social channels to promote designs that are either stolen or copied illegally without attribution.

Lifestyle Designs

We don’t pretend to know or have it all and catering to everyone’s needs and tastes are, as you can imagine, a difficult task, so expect new designs regularly that reflect the lifestyle and disciplines you love and just maybe, you’ll find a t-shirt that whispers, ‘buy me’.

If you can’t see your favorite alpine sport represented in store drop us a line and tell us what you would like to see, we are open to suggestions.

Bfree Alpine, so unique you won’t find our range anywhere but here.

Founder Out Having Fun

Brand Choice

We take pride in choosing and using a variety of quality brands, these best present to our customers a finished product they are proud to wear. Brands that use quality fabrics, quality workmanship and have social responsibility policies upholding responsible workplace and environmental standards.

We have chosen brands that are undertaking or have been independently WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) ensuring ethical, humane and lawful conditions are practiced in all manufacturing facilities.

Our detailed in-store descriptions tell a story of inspiration that drives each design and informs your purchase with credible information.

These descriptions indicate the brand we print on such as Bella + Canvas, American Apparel, Anvil, Next Level and Alternative Apparel letting you know how we think about our product and you, the customer.

Our aim is for a diverse range of quality t-shirts, from the way they look, feel and wear that gives you options in style, fit and color.

Be Unique, Bfree Alpine-Inspired T-Shirts.

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